Xaafuun / Hafuun Archeological Findings

This is the last known archeological investigation taken from the xaafun / hafuun site. Some very interesting findings have shown that people have inhabited the region well into antiquity. Hafuun, positioned at the eastern most… Continue reading

How old are the somali people and somali language?

I will try to explain the history of the somali people from a chronological prespective, starting from before 22,000 bc and ending 800bc. 22,400 BC E-M35 : The modern population of E-M215 and… Continue reading

Potential somali world heritage sites

This is a presentation by Dr sada mire, who is a leading archaeologist investigating the region of somalia, in this video she explains her work and presents possible somali world heritage sites in somalia. She… Continue reading

Troglodytes were in somalia

In this article i will explain why infact the Troglodytes were somali, the main source for discussion about the troglodytes is Artemidorus THE NAME? As explained by wiki The earlier references refer to Trogodytes[1], which was… Continue reading

semi circles trenches

I dont know what these are so i am putting them to get clarification if anyone knows what they are please tell me. they seem too big, too frequent and too close to… Continue reading

Cayaar-salaqle cave

There is some talk that this site might be some sort of ancient ritual place, or from the description what appears to be a quarry of some sort. whether it is naturally formed remains to… Continue reading

Ancient somali history ruins part 1

These are  a selection of really possible sites to investigate. ancient somalia history.    10°10’48.56″N  44°30’30.43″E   10°10’45.08″N  44°29’56.46″E     10°11’47.21″N  44°17’42.41″E     10°16’23.55″N  49°39’34.27″E       9°47’41.07″N  49°37’25.95″E    … Continue reading

Diidiin ancient lines

To start off, diidiin means turtle in somali, and it is the name i gave this site because it helps with remembering the many different lines. In no way am i claiming that… Continue reading

Periplus of the Erythraean Sea about somalia

Periplus of the Erythraean Sea is an ancient text dating to around 50 AD, it talks of the trade routes along the red sea and indian ocean. It is not clear whether the… Continue reading

Erigavo graves

There has been reports of ancient graves known to the locals as Galla graves, ‘galla’ here either means non-somalis or somalis before the introduction of islam. The rest is discussed at wikipedia erigavo /… Continue reading